GMR Group through its subsidiary GMR Coal Resources Pte. Limited, Singapore has acquired 30% equity stake in PT Golden Energy Mines Tbk (PT GEMS) in November 2011.

PTGEMS is part of Sinar Mas group, one of the largest business conglomerate in Indonesia. In addition to the coal mining, Sinar Mas group also operate in different sectors such as pulp & paper, real estate, financial services, agribusiness and telecommunications. PT GEMS through its subsidiaries owns and operates five coal mining concession areas, covering 66,204 hectares in South and Central Kalimantan, Jambi, South and West Sumatra, Indonesia. PT GEMS has the approximate coal resources of 2.9 billion tonnes and approximate reserves of 1.32billion tonnes respectively. PT GEMS is engaged in the exploration, mining and marketing of thermal coal sourced from its coal mining concession areas, in Indonesia.

For the calendar year 2018, PTGEMS have achieved the net revenue of USD 1,045 billion. During the year it has produced 22.6 MT of coal, and achieved sales volumes of 24.4 Million tonnes.



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